Getting a new home is definitely not an easy thing to do. You have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to make it a success. Do yourself a favor by making it a smooth sailing process with this easy guide to the home-buying process or look for a broker offers 3d virtual house tours for real estate.



Sit down and start browsing the internet or gather some newspapers and magazines that have real estate listings. Note the ones that caught your eye so you can easily come back to it later. This way, you will not only narrow down your choices but also be aware of the housing trends , popular locations, and prices.


Assess your financial status and capability

Never underestimate the power of going over your finances. This will help you in your decision making process as it points out how much you earn, how much you spend on expenses, how much you have already saved, and most importantly, how much you can spend on a new house without the risk of going broke.


One way to do this is to get prequalified and preapproved for credit for a mortgage. You will have to give necessary information  to the mortgage banker. They will review the details and let you know how much they can lend you. This way, you will get an idea of the price range you should be focusing on.


Find a real estate agent

It’s very important to find a real estate agent because they have very helpful information about the industry that not everyone knows about. With an agent to help you out, you can get access to some homes and/or neighborhoods that isn’t known and accessible to the public.


Go around to check available homes and make an offer

Here’s the fun part, tour around for your new home! Make sure you’re within your price range so you don’t ruin our budget. Also, don’t forget to take a photo or video and take note of little details (parking, neighborhood, damaged walls, leaks, etc.) so you can go over it at the end of the day. It might help make decision-making easier.


Take your time. This next big purchase is an investment and a commitment so it’s okay to be very thorough when coming to a final decision. After visiting available properties like affordable house and lot for sale in cebu, go over all the ones you like with your real estate agent. List down the pros and cons, as well as the costs so that you can start to make an offer and reach an agreement with the seller.


Get a home inspection

Home inspection means checking the property for any damages that might need fixing. This is said to be done a few days after your offer is accepted by the seller. Both seller and buyer will receive reports on the findings so that both parties will be given the chance to renegotiate anything based on the home inspection. You as the buyer might want to reduce the price or the seller might want to fix any damages first before turning it over to you.


Select your loan with a mortgage banker

Would you like a loan that has the lowest possible monthly payments? Are you focused on trying to make sure that payments don’t increase? Or would you like a loan knowing that you will move again in the near future? After the home inspection and final touches on the price agreement, it is now time to choosing a mortgage! It can be quite confusing but mortgage bankers are always there to help make it easier for you. Selecting a loan depends on what you prioritize.



Next up is getting the home an appraisal. This means getting an unbiased estimate of the fair market value of what your home is worth. This is to ensure the mortgage bank that the amount of money you request to borrow is correct. It includes many detailed information that impacts the property’s value.


Do the paperwork and close the sale

There are a lot of paperwork to do when buying a home so you better get started. From completing your purchase and title documents, to finance files and loan documents, you might take a while in getting those signed and compiled. When all that is finished, you can finally move in to your new home!


As this guide comes to a close, always remember that “a home is not a place, it’s a feeling”.  May this guide be of help to you and may your house buying journey be a success!